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Leaf Guards

There are 3 types of Leaf Guards we install, All ranging in price and purpose. If you like to know which best fits you and your homes needs content us and an expert will reach out and help you make the best choice!

Leaf Sentry Gutter Protection

Leaf Sentry provides ultimate protection from leaves and critters getting inside the gutters and the longest lasting made of high quality aluminum. It has super tiny holes to allow some drainage but mostly uses water tension running off the roof to wrap around the leaf protection and flow back into the gutters. Leaf Sentry is also completely maintenance free as any debris will be blown or pushed off the top during any weather. So you will never have to worry about the gutters getting clogged again. Leaf Sentry comes in 28 colors to match your home!


Bulldog Gutter Protection

Bulldog is a higher end and more quality Screen that is longer lasting and has smaller holes so that it will let less debris in and also keep critters out. This product is also made out of Aluminum and tends to be pretty popular. The only downside to this product is over time it tends to build up debris on top and inside the holes so I would not consider this a completely maintenance free product.

K-Screen Gutter Protection


K-Screen is the cheapest product on the market now that doesn't make it the worst because it does keep out debris and critters but tends to fill up the holes and get dirty rather quickly. These products last a long time and just need regular maintenance to keep them clean and the gutters working properly.

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